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Basic Elements Of Interior Design

Learning the fundamentals of Interior planning helps you acknowledge the essential principles employed by skilled interior styleers for making an excellent design.

Let us have a glance at the very basics of Interior Designing:

Interior style may be a artistic follow to get purposeful areas at intervals a building. Knowledge of the fundamental principles of Interior planning to helps you propose an area facilitating healthy and esthetically pleasing setting.

Unity & Harmony:

When coming up with the interiors of a home, a form of unity and harmony should be maintained.

The different rooms, hallways should have a typical vogue and theme running out.This doesn’t mean that the weather of interior planning should be same, however they must complement one another and enhance the composition.


Balance in Interior Designing refers to the balance in visuals of each and every room. This balance can be found in three styles, called as symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance, and radial balance.Traditional interior designing mostly used the Symmetrical balance where each object/element used in all the rooms is same, making them exact mirror image of the other.

Asymmetrical balance is commonly used in design these days. Though the objects/elements used in each room are different, but they have equal visual weight or eye attraction. Since Assymetrical balance is more casual, it leads to more lively spaces.Radial symmetry is achieved by designing all the objects/elements around a single center point.

Eg: A spiral staircase.

Focal Point:

Another important area that dominates the interior designing concept is ‘focal points’. A well-designed room has one or more focal points that draw the viewer’s attention. A focal point should be an integral part of the decoration and should be associated with style, color or theme.

For e.g.: A Fireplace. If there is no focal point in your area, you can create t by highlighting any object, artwork or paint.

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