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One of the most important parts of fashion design is fashion draping. It refers to the method of positioning and promise cloth on a dress type, in order to create the structure of a clothing design. Basically there area unit two ways that for a styleer, dressmaker, tailor designer,clothier to form new styles at the start of the garment style process: one will either use a design sketch as a basis or will play with the means cloth falls. After the style designer finishes draping, he/she removes the fabric from the dress form and uses it to create the sewing pattern for what will result in a garment.

For fashion draping and fitting, it is usually recommended to use muslin. In case you don’t grasp nevertheless, muslin is an unbleached, loosely woven cotton, which is also quite inexpensive.Using textile for fashion draping and fitting helps to resolve any style and fitting problems which may seem in an exceedingly garment, prior to cutting the pattern in your fabric that you’ll use for the garment.

However, you need to pay attention to the type of muslin that you choose. It is always recommended for your draping to use a muslin that gas similar drape characteristics as the final fabric that you’ll use for your real garment. As you will see, muslin is available in a variety of weights.
Additionally, you’ll be able to conjointly use alternative inexpensive artificial materials in draping and fitting for garment style.


One of the primary things you have to be compelled to understand before beginning the particular method of fashion draping is that fashion designers drape clothes in sections. This means that you just will drape, as an example, the front top, the rear top, the front skirt and back skirt, and so on. Another factor to recollect is that solely the proper facet of the garment is draped.

However, this is often solely accessible if the attire style is asymmetrical.

1.Cut and prepare the pieces of muslin.
3.Mark the muslin
4.Remove the muslin from the dress form
6.Add seam lines
7.Cut away excess material
8.Pin together the muslin
9.Finalize the process

Besides, draping allows the fashion designer to immediately correct any design or fit issues, prior to putting anything down on paper. Additionally to these reasons, there is also another one: some fabrics need to be experimented with on a dress form to observe how they behave.


In conclusion, draping is an important process, as it helps fashion designers to experiment with fabric, to use their creativity to see where darts, tucks and other design elements fit better, and to play with the way fabric behaves on the body.

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